False Ceiling Design & Cost in Kolkata

New & Simple False Ceiling Design in Kolkata For Bedroom, Main Hall, Hotel, Restaurants & etc.

Installation Of False Ceilings 

Renovating your residential or professional spaces is no easy task. Do not neglect the aesthetic side and the reinforcement of the insulation. One of the solutions is the installation of the latest false ceiling design. The Grih Interior, located in Kolkata, is at your disposal to understand your needs and respond to them efficiently and quickly.

We are specialized in the sale and installation of false ceiling design, partitions, and false floors. Our team is at your disposal for the installation of false ceilings in Kolkata. In particular, we offer thermal insulation materials. We also carry out carpentry work, in particular the installation of interior and exterior doors and their accessories. Our services include sale and installation.

Our company Grih Interior furnishes, modulates, organizes, and realizes the rearrangement of your domestic and professional spaces. We help you to make your place a real zone of well-being. For this, we offer you our space planning services as well as the installation of partitions and bedroom ceiling design

For Better Sound & Sound Insulation, Consider The False Ceiling

The false ceiling has become technical support in the planning of spaces because it provides aesthetics and insulation. We recommend installing a new ceiling design when your original ceiling is poorly insulated, damaged, or too high.

This main hall fall ceiling design installation allows you to play with the volumes of the room concerned, decorate it as well as isolate it from noise and cold. A false ceiling is usually a finished product that does not require additional decoration; it is an indispensable part of the room’s harmony.

  • It is practical and allows safe access and preservation of conduits (electricity, air conditioning, ventilation, and plumbing).
  • False ceilings have a strong insulating power beyond the aesthetic side they provide to your interior decoration.
  • They provide excellent thermal and sound insulation to your home or office.
  • Think about it; false ceilings are ideal for running electrical cables for lighting or your air conditioning!

Our team advises you on the type of simple ceiling design suitable for your structure so as to be in accordance with your expectations and the image you wish to convey.

Why Choose Our False Ceiling Solutions?

Specialist in the field of interior designing for many years, our team is at your disposal for all your space optimization projects. We are your partner and single point of contact because we carry out all the work, from floor to ceiling

A Team Of Professional Installers!

We are at your entire disposal to install your false ceilings and decorative ceilings at the lowest false ceiling cost in Kolkata. Our team is made up of experienced plasterers with experience in handling plaster and ceiling work. We work according to modern methods and carry out each job with high-performance equipment.

We guarantee you quality services from the preliminary studies to the assembly of the plates. Our team will also make you benefit from its know-how to carry out finishes according to your tastes.

Skills And Qualities

We have been in business in the field of interior design and decoration for residential and commercial buildings for many years. We work as well on new sites as within the framework of a renovation. Our teams are divided according to their respective areas of expertise: plastering, painting, flooring, etc. Know-how, responsiveness, and professionalism are the qualities that define our ceiling design for living room. Ask Grih Interior’s team for a free quote and the services of certified specialists.

Priority To Quality

With Grih Interior, you can be guaranteed professional, simple ceiling design service. We offer you first choice materials and also ensure the quality of the work. For all home improvement projects, offices and warehouses, ask for our services! Working on behalf of individuals and companies, we can travel throughout Kolkata. We will make your interior design project a real success.

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