Top Modular Kitchen Designer in Kolkata

Modern kitchens today are based on modularity that allows them to adapt to any space. And our modular kitchen designer in Kolkata is well equipped to do so!

Modern modular kitchens: adaptability and exaltation of space!

The wide range of choices of the different elements that make up a modular kitchen means that kitchens today are almost all tailor-made. Our modular kitchen designer in Kolkata can design modern modular kitchens that are extremely versatile and personalized.

They are designed with the aim of adapting to the size of any room, maximizing the potential of open space, and maximizing that of compartments as much as possible. Our modular kitchen designers only design the quality livspace kitchen based on the needs and desires of our clients. Every kitchen is unique, so we have in mind to create the kitchen of your desires, with original combinations and technological innovations to meet every family’s needs.

Kitchen Types:

We are experts in designing Island kitchens, Straight, U-shaped & L-shaped modular kitchens, parralel and semi-modular kitchens. Our modular kitchen designer in Kolkata design the kitchens based on a highly ingenious system that allows a youthful and artistic space where everything is in motion. A unique character, with finishes ranging from the typical wood grain to lacquer, between materials of yesterday and today that blend in a linear and unique harmony of the furniture. Minimal or colorful, natural or design, in an open space or in a dedicated environment, there are endless worlds in which this cuisine can be interpreted, starting from the type of place in which it can be inserted.

Modular Island Kitchens: Trendy & Functional!

Predisposing all the functions on a single wall and then developing them in height allows you to have room for movement in the rest of the room. When there is more space available, we provide Straight Kitchen solutions. In this characteristic version, the kitchen becomes even more practical, offering its users the most suitable option to fully exploit the size of each house.

Ideal for delimiting spaces with a very large living area, installing a central Island Kitchen will offer interesting performance even in narrower environments by offering a spacious worktop equipped, as needed, with hobs, sinks, and additional space base units. Depending on the needs and aesthetics of the kitchen, you can opt for the installation of square or rounded, linear, or dynamic surfaces at a very affordable modular kitchen price.

Parallel Kitchen: Combines Convenience & Elegance!

When the kitchen is rather wide but not very long, it is the parallel arrangement that our modular kitchen designers recommend. Parallel Kitchen is organized by following two parallel lines that allow having all the useful freedom to move in the center of the space, with two separate operational zones – one for preparation and one for cooking, both practical and spacious.

Our modular kitchen designers interpret the design of the past in a contemporary tone for an unconventional and creative style. We then offer a solid and decisive aesthetic modular parallel kitchen that is capable of offering interesting tactile and visual sensations.

The kitchen with peninsula- The Peninsula Of Happiness

The kitchen with peninsula is another solution offered by our modular kitchen designers for creating warm and welcoming kitchens without losing sight of the spaces necessary for the functionality of the different parts of the kitchen. The peninsula combines modern and elegant requirements to eat or prepare meals without cluttering the kitchen at a competitive modular kitchen price

From the trendiest kitchens to the most romantic, whatever style you want and the space available, it is always possible to realize the dream of a kitchen that fulfills all desires with our modular kitchen designers.


Our modular kitchens are built around the people who live it, tailor-made for their spaces and designed to resist over time. We can create your kitchen on an island, peninsula, round, suspended by selecting shelves, finishes, colors, and models with absolute freedom; and equip it with unique elements: floating tables, modular pantries, and colorful designer chairs. Discover our modular kitchens, and choose the model made for you. Contact us for modular kitchen cost per sq ft and get the kitchen of your dreams.