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Best Soft Furnishings & Hard Furnishing Company in Kolkata.

Soft Furnishing in Kolkata

Grih Interior, the best interior design and Furnishings Company in Kolkata, is a team of young and dynamic people who will be by your side in the design and construction of your furnishing solutions, selecting for you the best brands of hard and soft furnishings and accessories to customize your environments to make them unique.

We will bring ideas, color, and creativity into your home, and if you wish, we can also provide you with advice in the choice of coatings and color finishes, recommending the inclusion of any wallpaper and plasterboard to give a touch of originality to your interior in Kolkata.

We will directly follow the design, installation, and after-sales assistance phase to solve any of your needs or problems even after some time at an affordable price!!

Customization For Interiors

Grih Interior realizes interior furnishing solutions, customized, in a modern or classic style. Since its inception, we have been helping you to create your ideal hard and soft furniture with numerous prestigious brands and the best technical solutions, ranging from high tech to natural materials. The house’s various rooms must be furnished with extreme attention to their intended use because the furniture of your home speaks of you! This is why our interior designers recommend the right trade-off between aesthetics and functionality through in-depth knowledge of the role of each different piece of hard and soft furnishing in the home.

Our Furnishing Solutions Include:

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are easy to understand because they refer to all soft textile materials to the touch. Soft furniture varies from different fabrics to leather. According to the dictionary, the definition of soft furniture is cloth or products made of cloth and leather. This includes finished products such as pillows, curtains, and upholstery. Grih Interior provides luxury soft furnishings for interior design projects with an incredibly wide range of final products. 

We offer the following types of soft furnishing interior design solutions: 

  • Upholstery fabric/leather
  • Curtain
  • Pillow
  • Sofa back accessories
  • Bed linen
  • Carpet

These are just a few of our soft furnishings list. Our interior designers use fabrics and leathers, depending on the look of the interior you choose. Each room in the house has its own requirements for fabric or leather / soft upholstery. So, we offer tailor-made solutions for bedroom soft furnishings, living room soft furnishings, and many more.

Hard Furnishing Solutions 

Whatever your requirements, size, and budget, As a reliable interior design and furnishing solutions provider with knowledge and experience in the collective furniture industry, we are well equipped to support all your cool unique furniture needs. Our approach ensures that your project is designed according to your taste and style. 

Commercial And Personal Furniture

Choose from a wide range of products, whether it’s a single chair or a suitable full desk. We offer cost-effective and fast-return furnishing solutions for high-end inventory parts. We can also offer tailor-made hard furnishing solutions to your exact dimensions and requirements across a variety of styles and materials.

Our Home Furnishing Approach


We offer a consulting service to offer you design solutions that meet your needs and tastes. We are available to guide you on the project’s various phases and satisfy your expectations to create the house of your dreams.

Exterior & Interior Design

Indoor and outdoor furniture, we take care of everything related to the design of indoor and outdoor spaces. Tailor-made projects for any functional typology to make your environment unique.


Personalized Furnishings

The choice of furnishings, both hard and soft, is strictly related to the spaces available, to the aesthetic and functional factors that are inseparable from obtaining a good result. Grih Interior is the solution capable of making your idea great.


Photo-realistic Render

Thanks to the help of modern 3d processing techniques, you will have the opportunity to preview your interior soft furnishings projects with high photo-realism. Our attention to design details will allow you to reason and evaluate all aspects.