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Quality Guaranteed For Painting Work With Grih Interior

We have thought of various services to renovate and beautify your interior spaces (home, work room, public building, etc.). Composed of an expert team in painting, our company is committed to meeting all your interior “makeover” desires. We go to the address you provide to carry out the painting work you request with a simple call.

We paint all the surfaces you want to renovate- Painting work on ceilings, wall paint, baseboards, openings, and more is one of our specialities. Has a particular brand of paint given you satisfaction in old work? No problem! Our goal is to embellish your home or your work premises by adding room colour. Our team of painters and decorators is also available to advise you on painting facades and other exterior surfaces.

Whether for houses, apartments, or kitchen paint colors, whether painting ceilings, walls, wrought iron, cornices, moldings, terrace, balcony, bedroom paint colors, or any other structure or interior ornament or exterior, our experts have the tools and techniques necessary to deliver the highest quality home colour jobs in Kolkata that meet your expectations.

Crack repair and paint service – Do you want to contact us for renovation work in particular? Grih Interior offers you the repair pack for cracks or blisters with the painting of your walls and ceilings. Our designer wall paint team will do what is necessary to restore your interior and/or exterior spaces by applying plaster and painting them at your convenience with amazing wall color combinations.

Wallpaper Installation Services

Wallpaper is making a comeback in interior decoration! To successfully install the wallpaper and avoid the slightest creases or bubbles, contact Grih Interior specializing in apartment or house renovation. On Grih Interior, our specialists are ready to help you and provide you with their know-how. Save time and let us install wallpaper for room safely and inexpensively.

Wallpaper for all spaces- Whether you want to renew the decoration of your living room using living room wallpaper, create a teenager’s room or simply give your interior a little facelift, no longer let technical constraints slow down your creativity. By providing you with a large number of DIY profiles ready to help you, Grih Interior allows you to delegate all the installation of your bathroom wallpaper to an expert in just a few clicks. 

Install and remove wallpaper- Everything related to wallpaper, including the installation and removal of wall stickers for bedroom, is part of the know-how of our team. We can help you choose the patterns and colors to put on your walls. Grih Interior team is also trained to advise you on the installation of kitchen wallpaper.

Flooring Services For All Needs

GRIH INTERIOR is a company specializing in the general renovation. We carry out all floor covering transformation work. In all our achievements, quality materials are carefully selected for a long lifespan. Our professionals are committed to meeting your specific needs from installation to finish while taking your budget into account. Whatever the demand, the many decors and new trends offered by Grih Interior make it possible to best meet all needs and meet all flooring requirements for different sites.

Laminate floors- with us, you will get a wide range of laminate floors. All of our technical requirements are reflected in these collections specially selected for the needs of our customers: specific products for the home with various decorations.

Opt for the natural charm of wood with a parquet floor- The solid parquet gives a lot of character to the interiors. Warm, natural wood flooring is extremely durable and very easy to maintain. To protect it, it is often coated with a varnish or a vitrified, easy to renovate. Its exceptional longevity makes it a lasting investment to embellish and give a living room or bedroom character.

Imitate all types of coverings with a laminate or vinyl floor- How to imitate a real solid wood parquet in the living room or an outdoor floor tile under a veranda? At Grih Interior, Innovative, easy to install and maintain, laminate and vinyl flooring are available in a wide choice of patterns.

Would you like to renovate the flooring in your interior rooms and save money? You don’t have to redo the floor tiles work! Our specializations include painting tiles, concrete, and all other types of floors. We are just waiting for you to ask us for a quote on the painting work.